Rules are constantly changing.

Many rules are overlooked or ignored on a regular basis. Unless your records are maintained according to the rules, you may be paying an inflated premium. Since the rules often vary from state to state, access to the NCCI Basic and Experience Rating Manuals is necessary. For example, some states exclude vacation and holiday pay, others do not. Some exclude premium overtime, others do not. There are several independent bureau states that don’t even follow the NCCI rules. You need to be sure to take advantage of every favorable rule in order to minimize your workers compensation premiums.

Most businesses never see these rules, and do not know that there are many cost saving strategies available for those who know the loopholes. Think about this- when, if ever, did an insurance company auditor sit down with you, open their manuals, and describe steps to help minimize your premiums to their lowest level? When was the last time anyone from the insurance company voluntarily searched for mistakes and overcharges going back several years? Never, most likely.

One of the most common statements we hear is that your premium was reviewed by your agent or broker, and they found no errors. If that were true, we would be out of business because all of our clients have agents or brokers, and we work on a contingency basis. If mistakes were not made, we would not get paid. Overcharges are common. Agents and brokers do not specialize in reducing premiums; they concentrate on providing coverage and are paid commissions by insurance companies for doing so. Honest errors and mistakes create higher premiums, as well as higher commissions.

Are you owed even more?

You are entitled to a copy of the auditor's worksheets used to determine the final premium. Copies are available from your insurance carrier, and you should always review them. The audit is requested, conducted, and reviewed by the insurance company. And, don't think just because you got a refund (or paid a small additional premium) the audit is correct.

Do you review the manuals on a regular basis to search for ways to reduce your premiums?

The Workers Compensation Manual provides the rules and interpretations for Basic and State Special Classifications. Most businesses never see these rules, and do not know that there are many cost saving strategies available for those who know the loopholes.

How would you like to have a former industry insider represent your best interests?

Audits are often questioned or disputed by contacting the carrier directly. Since this is routine business for the insurance company, they know how to "throw rules at you." Unfortunately, they often neglect to reveal the entire rule. We have been engaged in premium auditing since 1978 and will be your advocate.

Do you have access to the Rating Manual and experience rating software?

Most businesses receive a free copy of their experience rating worksheet from the NCCI or an independent rating bureau each year. The calculation is based on information supplied by your previous insurance carriers, and can be erroneous or missing key data. One percentage point can make a difference.

Construction companies often hire us because a higher mod factor can exclude them from being hired by a general contractor or bidding on a new project. If your experience modifier must be below 1.00, we can help you achieve this goal.