Our clients include all types of businesses. Construction. Non-profits. Manufacturers. Loggers. Truckers. Social service organizations. Advertising agencies. Ocean liners. Engineers. Restaurants. Hotels. Hospitals. Nursing Homes. Since 1986, we have audited all types of businesses and have been successful most of the time. This is a win-win situation because we do not take up much of your time and are not compensated until after you receive your refunds from the insurance carriers. We identify, correct, and apply the rules that must be followed by each and every insurance company in America. Once we review the paperwork, you can expect your refund within 2-4 months, depending on the error.

Some errors take longer to correct than others. And, it depends on the insurance company we are dealing with. Since we work on contingency, we strive to obtain your refunds as quickly as possible, and will be in constant contact with the insurance company to see that they move expeditiously. Until we dig in and audit your insurance carrier, there is no telling what we may find.