Workers Compensation Audit Specialists is a team of former insurance company executives ready to share our knowledge with you. Having achieved management level positions while working in the insurance industry, we know where to look for premium overcharges and how to get refunds processed through the system.

We understand underwriting and audit procedures, and will analyze the premiums from your point of view, in complete confidence. If you have been overcharged, we will get your money back for you. Insurance companies are prohibited from retaining improper premiums once they have been notified of errors, and we are skilled at identifying them. Many of our clients sensed something might not be right, but were not certain. They were very surprised when their insurance carriers refunded the overcharges from three years ago, and sometimes longer.

Businesses, agents, brokers, attorneys, CPA's, and insurance consultants have relied on us since 1986 because they realize mistakes result in higher premiums. If you have been overcharged, and most of our clients have been, we will recover the premiums for you by applying the rules that the insurance carrier must abide by. Let us become a part of your cost reduction strategies.